In the US, refugees will be issued work permits within 30 days

USCIS recently announced that it is simplifying the process of obtaining an EAD and SSN for refugees. The new process is fully automated and no longer requires refugees to apply for an EAD

USCIS has begun implementing a simplified Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization process to more efficiently provide Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) to refugees once they are admitted to the United States. This streamlined process reduces EAD wait times to approximately 30 days instead of several months.

USCIS will now generate Form I-765 (Application for Disruption of Employment) in electronic format for each refugee.

Under US law, a refugee has the legal right to work immediately upon arrival in the United States. However, obtaining proof of work authorization on the EAD form has previously been a cumbersome paper process that resulted in unnecessary delays. The new process is fully automated and no longer requires refugees to apply for an EAD, allowing for more efficient Form I-765 processing and adjudication and faster delivery of EADs once approved.

The new rules apply to refugees who entered the United States on December 10, 2023.

Once USCIS approves Form I-765, refugees can receive their EAD within one or two weeks.
The EAD will be sent by the US Postal Service to the refugee’s registered address.
The time it takes for a refugee to receive an EAD card may vary depending on delivery time.

USCIS will also electronically provide the Social Security Administration with the information needed to assign a Social Security Number (SSN), which will be mailed to the refugee.

Refugees wishing to replace or renew their EAD will still need to complete and submit the form

Also, the new rules do not apply to family reunification refugee categories (Form I-730,
Refugee/Asylee Relative Petition).