Taxation аnd Optimization

A clear understanding of the tax consequences, proper tax planning – this is what a transaction cannot be successfully planned and conducted without.

In a team with our tax specialists, we advise our Clients on the subject of taxation of their transactions in the USA, as well as on international aspects of taxation.

We also help our Clients optimize their taxation by reducing the size of their tax liability through targeted and legitimate actions, including the use of all privileges, tax exemptions and other legal benefits provided by applicable US law. Given the differences in tax regulations in different states, we engage a specialist in a particular state.

Trade аnd Customs Regulations, Sanctions

In the current global economy, the supply of goods to other countries is a complex and costly task. An effective solution to issues related to customs regulation and international trade is of great importance in order to maintain competitive advantages for our Clients.

Our qualifications allow us to provide full legal support to Clients on the vast majority of issues of trade and customs regulation, as well as on sanctions and other restrictions in relation to different jurisdictions.

We can develop and implement strategies that will help you effectively manage the costs of customs duties through the use of opportunities provided by various customs procedures, the use of free trade agreements, special programs and transaction structuring.

We can help you carry out strategic planning in the field of customs payments optimization in a timely manner, develop comprehensive, practical strategies for you that will help you solve the problems associated with doing business in the US market, and will also help bring your company to a whole new level.

Real Estate

Real estate and lease disputes

Developers, lenders and owners may think that they have reached an agreement on real estate lease or transaction, but the understanding may vary in the minds of the different parties and a dispute over the terms of a lease, transfer or other transaction may result.

Investments, Venture аnd Project Financing

We offer our Clients assistance in placing their capital in the United States, in order to make a profit and (or) to achieve another beneficial effect (Investment).

For enterprises engaged in innovative activities, we suggest using new forms of financing. These include, first of all, venture and project financing. Both types of financing are the most risky investments.

Our company and its individual specialists have accumulated vast experience in the investment support of venture and project financing projects.

A clear understanding of the interests of both the investor and the entrepreneur, knowledge of the internal structure and strategy of projects are the main components of our success in this area.

Mergers And Acquisitions

Some of the best ways to ensure that your company is advancing and adapting can be found through sales, mergers and acquisitions with other companies:  

  •  Acquisition: Your company collects the assets of another for its own use.  An acquisition can shift control of everything from physical office buildings to publicly traded stocks. In some instances, an acquired company may still exist in name and function but merely be controlled by the purchasing parent company.
  • Sale: If you need to reduce your company’s size to protect profits, meet legal regulations, or any other reason, you can sell it off to another company.  Any money gained through the selling of your business or a portion of it may be distributed among owners, shareholders, lenders, and others. 
  • Merger: Other than directly buying or selling a business, companies can grow together through a merger that combines both of them into one new company.  This is sometimes called a consolidation and will only be the result if at least one of the merging parties ceases to exist afterward.

Banking аnd Financial Regulation, Capital Markets

Almost no significant project is complete without work with financial and banking institutions.

As in the planning and initial discussion of the details of the transaction, and in the course of its implementation, we can offer a comprehensive analysis of the requirements of financial legislation of both the United States and other jurisdictions. Our goal is the optimal implementation of client projects in the absence of any difficulties in working with banks and other financial institutions.

Preparation of the project for financing, ensuring the correct representation of the client before the investor is our specialty.

We also have accumulated rich experience in conducting legal audits of investment objects.

Intellectual Property

Comprehensive intellectual property protection is a feature of the US legal system that allows this country to be an innovative leader.

Such protection is provided not only to standard and generally accepted objects, but also to business methods and training methods. In addition, voluntary copyright registration is available in the United States.

We provide our customers with a full range of tools for implementing the protection of inventors and companies, the procedure for confirming intellectual property rights in the US. We attract the most experienced specialists to this work.

Employment and Non-Compete Agreements

Most employment relationships begin with optimism regarding the employee’s role in the company. But changing needs, interpersonal issues, and other factors can sour this relationship. In some circumstances, an employee may leave the company and attempt to improperly benefit by violating the terms of a non-compete agreement. In other circumstances, an employer may inappropriately use a non-compete agreement as a sword rather than a shield for the business. Our attorneys have successfully fought on behalf of defendant former employees who are being wrongfully prevented from engaging in work by their former employers who have no basis to keep them from doing so.