National Capital Legal Services in collaboration with credential evaluation services provide professional assistance in interpreting the equivalency of foreign education of persons educated outside the United States of America in terms of education at accredited institutions in the United States.

We only collaborate with credential evaluation services, that have a team of professional foreign credential evaluators, who have been active in the field of international education for many years and who prepare credential evaluations after careful research and scrutiny of all available research material, courses completed, examinations passed, degrees and diplomas awarded, etc.

Typically, a foreign credential evaluation is required for H1-B, I-140, TN (and other work-related) visas, university admission and employment. Together with credential evaluation services we provide evaluations for colleges and universities, employers, immigration attorneys and the US Immigration Service which show the equivalency of foreign education credentials to US education.

Our credential evaluation services evaluate academic credentials for students who have attended academic institutions outside the United States of America.

The following types of evaluation reports are available:

Diploma and Document Evaluation Reports

Diploma and document evaluations determine the applicant’s level of education, duration of the course completed and the specialization of the applicant. Document evaluations are used for education, when transferred credits and courses taken are not relevant, employment and immigration.

Course-by-Course Evaluation Reports

Course-by-Course evaluations provide the same information as a document evaluation report, but also list the courses the applicant has taken, the grades received, and the credit equivalence earned in the United States. Course-by-Course evaluations are used for continuation of education, including high school admission, college/university admission, employment and immigration.

Education and Work Experience Evaluation

This report provides a document report for the years of education and verified work experience. Education and work experience or work only evaluations follow the immigration rules to use work experience to add to incomplete university work, or replace university work, or add to a bachelor’s degree to result in a higher degree. These reports are used for employment, immigration, and in special cases for continuation of education.