Citizens of those countries can now apply for humanitarian parole through a phone app before arriving at the Mexican-US border

Citizens from these countries would be returned back to Mexico for not following the protocol. President is to visit El Paso border while Title 42 restrictions are under discussion again. Under this Trump-era pandemic public health rule known as Title 42 immigrants can be returned to Mexico for public health reasons.

President has been facing criticism for the surge of border-crossing immigrants from all countries. However, President stated as follows:

“We should all recognize that as long as America is the land of freedom and opportunity, people are going to try to come here,” Biden said in his remarks. “And that’s what many of our ancestors did. And it’s no surprise that it’s happening again today. We can’t stop people from making the journey, but we can require them to come here in an orderly way.”

The administration will now accept up to 30,000 migrants per month from Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, and Venezuela under a humanitarian parole program geared toward those nationalities.

Administration officials previously touted the parole program for Venezuela following its rollout late last year, attributing a drop in border crossings of Venezuelans to the policy. For months, officials have been considering expanding the program to other nationalities to try to manage the flow of migration to the US southern border, culminating in Thursday’s announcement.