The US Department of State has provided guidance on local filing of Form I-130 by Ukrainians at the US Consulate, bypassing USCIS and NVC

The U.S. Department of State has released guidance stating that U.S. citizens who are physically abroad with their Ukrainian (and Afghan, Ethiopian) immediate family members have the right to ask to file a Form I-130 petition on the spot at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate that handles immigrant visas. For Ukrainians – in Germany.
Previously, we advised our readers that this is possible, but now this option has become more guaranteed. We would like to remind you that in such a process, the US citizen and the beneficiary must be physically present in the country of application.
This procedure bypasses the many months of waiting normally required for I-130 approval and then an additional several months of waiting at the National Visa Application Center. This is great news for US citizens who need to quickly bring their next of kin to the US.

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